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Holidays are a time for celebration, family, friends and are also a great occasion for Holiday Costumes! Everyone knows that Halloween Costumes are worn for Halloween but did you know you could wear a costume for other major holidays as well? Now dressing up isn’t confined to just one day a year! This Christmas, why not surprise the family in a Santa Costume! Fill a sack up with the kids’ present and lumber down the stairs as if you’ve just gotten off the roof. Your children will definitely love seeing that elusive man they’ve only heard about right in their living room! If you consider yourself a unique individual or like to think outside the box, then go as Santa for Halloween this year! Or any other holiday for that matter! You’re sure to surprise everyone dressed as Santa at Easter or the 4th of July. If you're more the traditional type, an Easter Costume is perfect to bring fun to this holiday! Besides Halloween, another holiday that it is actually acceptable to wear a costume is Purim. Celebrate the deliverance of Jewish people in any of these fun religious Purim Costumes! Finally, for those women that love dressing up no matter what the occasion, there are costumes for every major holiday! Appreciate the sultry side of any holiday with these Sexy Holiday Costumes. From Sexy Cupid to Sexy Aunt Samantha, you’ll have every excuse to dress up for every major national holiday!

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